Only You

Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Only You

Only You Details
Title: Only You 只有您
English title: Only You
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Only You Ji Yau Nei / Only You Zhi You Nin
Genre: Modern/Family
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2011-Feb-21 to 2011-Apr-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30-21:30

Only You Synopsis and Story :
Mak Yat Man is a boastful, frank, unrelenting woman who wants to be a wedding planner. She thinks that a wedding planner's job is simple and uncomplicated but comes with an attractive income. Chong Sze Tim, an expert in the wedding industry refuses to take Yat Man as her apprentice because Sze Tim can see through Yat Man and knows her real motive. Eventhough Sze Tim has turned her down, Yat Man is still determined to get into the wedding industry and does her best to please Sze Tim's younger brother, Ching Sze Chai and his wife, Szeto Fei Fei. The couple end up hiring Yat Man to work in their bridal wear shop.

Yat Man is determined to make something big out of her new career but the sudden appearance of photographer, Ha Tin Sang, makes her think about life's true meaning and purpose. In their course of work, Yat Man and Tin Sang meet many types of characters - from squabbling couples and distressed couples to neurotic brides and couples with disabilities. Every couple they meet has a unique love story of their own. These couples exchange their wedding vows full of love and hope for the future.

Yat Man and Tin Sang love one another but their different outlook on life start to tear them apart. Will love be enough for this couple?

Only You Cast and Starring :

Louise Lee as 莊思甜
Yoyo Mung as 麥一敏 Mandy
Kevin Cheng as 夏天生 Summer
Crystal Tin as 司徒菲菲 Phoebe
Evergreen Mak as 莊思齊

Vin Choi as 莊忠良
Natalie Tong as 馬曉晴
Suet Nei as 張雪霞
Eddie Lee as 麥一鳴 阿Dee
Leanne Li as 趙詠鳳 Rainbow
Chris Lai as 張景源 King
Sam Chan as 余志強
Meini Cheung as Candy
Yvonne Ho as 林綺玲 Ling
Helen Ma as 黃美好

Guest appearance
Chin Ka Lok
Vivien Yeo
Jason Chan
Claire Yiu
Shermon Tang
Andy Dai
Matthew Ko
Ma Guan Dong
Lee Zhong Hei
Deno Cheung
Otto Chan
Tony Yee
Zoey Sham
Stephen Wong
Johnson Lee
Leung Kin Ping
Roseanne Lui
Wong Jun Tang
Chamaine Li
Lam Gwai Fong

Only You Photos :

Only You

Only You

Only You

Only You

Only You

Only You

Only You Kevin Cheng
Kevin Cheng as 夏天生 Summer

Only You Natalie Tong
Natalie Tong

Only You Yoyo Mung
Yoyo Mung as 麥一敏 Mandy

Watch Only You (只有您) Preview and Video here

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