Grace Under Fire

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Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire Details :

Chinese Title: 女拳
English Title: Grace Under Fire
Producer: Lo Wing Yin (Always Ready, Burning Flame, Split Second, To Grow With Love)
Genre: Martial Arts, Drama
Episodes: 32
Opening theme : Nui Kyun (刀槍不入) by Elisa Chan
Ending theme : Hui Jian (回見) by Liu Xuan

Grace Under Fire Preview :

Following his defeat by WONG FEI-HUNG (John Chiang) in a duel, Guangzhou's number one kung-fu master LUI KONG (Lam Kar Wah) is diagnosed with leprosy and he runs off in secret.

Blaming HUNG, LUI CHING-LUNG (Bosco Wong) who knows nothing about martial arts, is resolved to seek revenge for his father. Surprisingly, HUNG offers to teach LUNG the renowned LUI's kung fu stances, and urges him to come back for revenge when he has picked up all the martial arts techniques. LUNG is deeply touched by HUNG's generosity, which also marks the beginning of a complicated relationship.

Grace Under Fire Story :

Mok Kwai-lan (Liu Xuan) is an ordinary girl working as a water labourer in one of Guangzhou's most famous restaurants. She lives in a simple and steady lifestyle with her uncle, Mok Ping (Law Lok-lam), and Ping's adopted son, Yau Sam-shui (Kenneth Ma). She is best friends with the beautiful Kwai Fa (Fala Chen), an assistant chef working in the same restaurant as her. Longing for Fa's affections, Sam-shui hopes to become a student of Wong Fei-hung (John Chiang), the greatest martial artist of Guangzhou, in order to impress her. Kwai-lan, originally disinterested in martial arts, becomes spellbound by the sport after watching an intense fight between Fei-hung and Fok Koon-wai (Kenny Wong), a Mizongyi practitioner.

Fei-hung is touched by Sam-shui's enthusiasm and agrees to teach him and Kwai-lan, but Ping is strongly against it. He believes they would become aggressive and domineering if they learned kung fu. Kwai-lan disagrees and argues that kung fu is for self protection. Her unyielding determination overwhelms Ping, and Kwai-lan learns from him that she is the only descendant of the Mok Gar family fighting style. As Kwai-lan's father died from a kung fu match, Ping does not want Kwai-lan to meet the same fate. Fei-hung sees a lot of potential in Kwai-lan and convinces Ping to teach her the styles of Mok Gar. Ping finally agrees, simultaneously allowing Sam-shui to become Fei-hung's student. Sam-shui, now proud and egotistical, begins abusing his newfound martial arts skill.

Meanwhile, Kwai-lan meets the unsociable and eccentric young boxer Lui Ching-lung (Bosco Wong) in an underground martial arts school. As soon as she finds out that his father Lui Kong (Dominic Lam) is sick with leprosy, she immediately asks for Fei-hung's help. However, Kong does not appreciate Fei-hung's hospitality and blames him for destroying his family. Twenty years ago, Kong was once Guangzhou's champion in the Lui Gar fighting style. Fei-hung, already famous for his martial arts in Foshan, challenged Kong to a duel. The two swore an oath: whoever lost the duel would have to leave Guangzhou. Fei-hung defeated Kong, but Kong's wife fell ill, postponing his leave. Fei-hung, drunk from a celebratory dinner, disgraced Kong in public and claimed him to be dishonourable for not keeping his promises. In a rage, Kong quickly leaves the city by night with his sick wife and their infant son Ching-lung. As a result, Kong's wife died and Kong contracted leprosy.....

Grace Under Fire Info
- John Chiang is Wong Fei Hung.
- Liu Xian is John's wife
- Kenneth likes Fala, Fala likes Bosco, Bosco likes Liu Xuan, Liu Xuan likes John Chiang.
- Raymond Wong is John's son, Liu Xian's step-son. He dies in episode 09, Kenneth accidentally kills him.
- Dominic Lam is Bosco's dad
- Bosco has a crush on Liu Xian
- Bosco and Kenneth were friends, but later fall out.
- Ngok Wah is the mayor of Guangzhou
- Claire Yiu is Ngok Wah's second wife.
- Leung Ka Kei is Ngok Wah's daughter, Claire's step-daughter.
- Kenneth has a crush on Fala Chen
- Kenneth later turns into the big villain.
- Fala has a crush on Bosco and is Liu Xian's good friend.
- Fala also will get sexually assaulted by Eddie Kwan
- Kenneth uses Leung Ka Kei by pretending to love her and marries her
- Edwin Siu pursues Fala and is a Japanese businessman
- Eddie Kwan is an evil secretary

Grace Under Fire Cast and Starring :

Wong's family
John Chiang as Wong Fei-hung 黃飛鴻
Liu Xuan as Mok Kwai-lan 莫桂蘭
Power Chan as Wong Hon-pong 黃漢邦
Raymond Wong as Wong Hon-yip 黃漢業

Lui's family
Dominic Lam as Lui Kong 雷剛
Chen Shuang as Chan Kuen 陳娟
Bosco Wong as Lui Ching-lung 雷正龍

Tong's family
Elliot Ngok as Tong Yuet-hang 唐乙恆
Claire Yiu as Lee Piu-hung 李飄紅
Catherine Chau as Wong Yee-mui 王綺梅
Mandy Lam as Kam Hei 金喜
Matthew Ko as Lee Fan 李帆
Ram Chiang as Ho Tim-fuk 何添福
Yvonne Lam as Tong Yuet-fung 唐乙鳳
Kenneth Ma as Yau Sam-shui 游三水
Kaki Leung as Tong Suet-kiu 唐雪喬

Mok's family
Law Lok-lam as Mok Ping 莫平
Kenneth Ma as Yau Sam-shui 游三水
Liu Xuan as Mok Kwai-lan 莫桂蘭

Other casts
Fala Chen asKwai Fa 葵花
Kenny Wong as Fok Koon-wai 霍冠威
Eddie Kwan as Tsui Hing-to 徐慶圖
Lo Chun-shun as Geng Yik-tin 耿易天
Evergreen Mak as Ma Yu-chan 馬如燦
Au Sui-wai as Ling Wan-kai 凌雲楷
Lee Ka-ding as Chan Kin 陳堅
Savio Tsang as Tung Ming 董銘

Grace Under Fire Photos

Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire Bosco Wong
Bosco Wong as Lui Ching-lung 雷正龍

Grace Under Fire Kenneth Ma
Kenneth Ma as Yau Sam-shui 游三水

Grace Under Fire Liu Xuan
Liu Xuan as Mok Kwai-lan 莫桂蘭

Grace Under Fire John Ciang
John Chiang as Wong Fei-hung 黃飛鴻

Grace Under Fire Dominic Lam
Dominic Lam as Lui Kong 雷剛

Grace Under Fire Fala Chen
Fala Chen asKwai Fa 葵花

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