The Rippling Blossom

Senin, 28 Februari 2011

The Rippling Blossom

The Rippling Blossom Details
Title: 魚躍在冬季
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Yue Yeuk Joi Dong Guai / Yu Yue Zai Dong Ji
English title: The Winter of Flying Fish
Genre: Modern, brother relationship, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2010
Air time: Monday to Friday

The Rippling Blossom story and preview :

A Hong Kong dining mogul leaves behind a sushi restaurant to his second wife, KONG YING-YUET (Lui Yau Wai), their son, YU CHI-HIU (Tse Tin Wah), and the son from his third wife, YU CHI-YING (Cheung Chi Lam). HIU is a remarkable Japanese cuisine chef whose sole aim in life is to pursue excellence in chefhood. Although HIU and YING have different mother, they get along very well. LANG YUNG-YUNG (Lo Yuen Yan), their father’s first wife, suppresses and creates troubles for the restaurant. HIU declares challenge to her, claiming whoever wins will have the restaurant. YUNG sends her personal nurse, CHOI SZ-LUNG (Tavia Yeung), to get close to HIU. He is completely smitten with love for her but soon becomes dejected by their lukewarm relationship. On the other hand, the supply for fresh food has been shut out. YING has to make a trip to Hokkaido to buy fish. He meets KEUNG KEUNG (Myolie Wu), a willful girl from a wealthy family, on the plane. They get to know MOYUNG CHING (Damian Lau) by chance in the fish market. CHING, “The God of Fish” who leads a reclusive life, discovers that YING is indeed a gifted chef. Later when YING and HIU meet with setback in career, family and love one after one in their attempt to save the restaurant, the two brothers decide to have a competition.

The Rippling Blossom Cast and Starring :

The Yue family
Felix Lok as Yue Fai Wong (魚輝煌)
Angelina Lo as Lang Yung Yung (冷雍容)
Lisa Lui as Kong Ying Yuet (江映月)
Michael Tse as Yue Chi Hiu (魚至囂)
Julian Cheung as Yue Chi Ying (魚至贏)
Pierre Ngo as Yue Chi Po (魚至寶)

The Choi family
Chan Wing-chun as Mr. Choi
Mary Hon as Hong Sau Hing (康秀馨)
Tavia Yeung as Choi Sze Lung (賽思蘢)
Ken Hung as Choi Sze Long (賽思朗)

Mo-Yung family
Damian Lau as Mo-Yung Ching (慕容澄)
Myolie Wu as Keung Keung (羌姜)

January Otaki / Isushi Japanese restaurant
Benjamin Yuen as Nin Kei Sai (年紀細)
Eric Li as Wing Tin (榮田)
Bruce Li as Tai Kwong (戴廣)
Adam Yip as Fu Leung (富良)
Alan Luk as Sap Sing (十勝)
Yaka Fu as Mei Ying (美瑛)

Other cast
Cheung Kwok Keung as Tong Ngo (唐奧)
Au Shui Wai as Yau Yik Hong (游亦匡)
Eileen Yeow as Tin Ka Wai, Yoshiho (田嘉穗)
Ko Chun-man
So Yan-tsz
Janice Ting

Production Credits
Producer: Zhong Wai Kein
Script Writers: Au Kun Ying, Wu Mei Wan

The Rippling Blossom Photos :

The Rippling Blossom

The Rippling Blossom

The Rippling Blossom

The Rippling Blossom

The Rippling Blossom

The Rippling Blossom Chilam Cheung
Julian Cheung as Yue Chi Ying (魚至贏)

The Rippling Blossom Michael Tse
Michael Tse as Yue Chi Hiu (魚至囂)

The Rippling Blossom Myolie Wu
Myolie Wu as Keung Keung (羌姜)

The Rippling Blossom Pierre Ngo
Pierre Ngo as Yue Chi Po (魚至寶)

The Rippling Blossom Tavia Yeung
Tavia Yeung as Choi Sze Lung (賽思蘢)

Watch The Rippling Blossom (魚躍在冬季) Theme Song video here

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