The Threshold of Persona

Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

the threshold of a personal

the threshold of a personal

the threshold of a personal

the threshold of a personal

The Threshold of Persona Details:
Title: ID 精英
Cantonese/Mandarin title: ID Ching Ying / ID Jing Ying
English title: The Threshold of a Persona
Also known as: 真心英雄 / Cordial Heroes
Genre: Police, action, romance
Episodes: 27 (Hong Kong) / 30 (overseas)
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2009-Jun-01 to 2009-Jul-05
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30 - 22:30
Opening theme song: Conceal (掩飾) by Roger Kwok and Patrick Tang

The Threshold of Persona Synopsis, Story and Preview
The Immigration Department guards the gateway in and out of Hong Kong. They are tasked to prevent questionable figures and criminals from entering Hong Kong. The immigration officers have a highly demanding task in their hands. However, this tough task raises a question - how can the officers accurately verify the identities of travellers? This is the first TV drama series that revolves around the immigration department.

While applying for a position in the Hong Kong Immigration Department, Fong Chun Kit makes friends with two other candidates; Cheng Pak Yue and Yip On Kei. Pak Yue is an aggressive and ambitious person. he later moves on to the police force and is promoted to Senior Inspector of Regional Crime Unit. While investigating a case, Pak Yue realises that the new triad leader, Wu Kit Sum has murdered someone because of Chun Kit's wife. This revelation has turned Chun Kit's life upside down.

As Chun Kit's good friend, On Kei helps Chun Kit to care for his son. On Kei also suffered a failed relationship with Pak Yue.

The Threshold of Persona Cast and starring :

Fong Family
Lau Kong as Chung Kwok Sing 鍾國誠
Mary Hon as Chan Mei Ping 陳美萍
Roger Kwok as Fong Chun Kit 方浚杰
Ben Wong as Chung Chi Wing 鍾志榮
Toby Leung as Chung Chi Yan 鍾志欣
Claire Yiu as Cheung Si Man 張思敏
Iris Wong as Chiu Lai Man 趙麗文
Tam Jan Yut (譚真一) as Fong Ka Hei 方家希

Yip Family
Ha Ping as Lee Siu Kuen 李少娟
Yoyo Mung as Yip On Kei 葉安琪
Natalie Tong as Yip On Yi 葉安兒
Wong Yeut Nam (王若嵐) as Yip Sze Sze 葉詩詩

Extended Cast
Patrick Tang as Au Shun Fung 歐順風
Raymond Cho as Cheng Pak Yu 鄭柏宇
Kenny Wong as Wu Kit Shum 胡傑琛
John Chiang as Mak Kai Ming 麥啟銘
Power Chan as Leung Chi Lun 梁智倫
Ellesmere Choi as Hon Wing Nin 韓永年
Queenie Chu as Ching Pui Ka 程佩嘉
Shermon Tang as Lee Hiu Man 李曉雯
Chan Chin Pang as Mak Tze Hin 麥子軒
Lee Kwok Lun as Wai Hon To 韋瀚滔
Eric Li as On Hong Cheung 安康祥
Suet Nei as Wong Gwai Ho 黃桂好
Raymond Tsang (曾守明) as Kong Chak Fai 江澤輝
Rebecca Chan

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Choi Ting Ting (蔡婷婷)
Producer: Lo Wing Yin (羅永賢)

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