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Kamis, 10 September 2009

Title : Shanghai Sweethearts (海派甜心)
Episodes: 25
Genre: Romantic comedy
Channel: GTV
Filming location: Taiwan
Filming period: July 2009 - ?
Broadcast period: ?
Producer: Angie Chai (柴智屏)
Director: Lin He Long (林合隆)

Shanghai Sweethearts Synopsis, and story :
Taiwan’s wealthy son Xue Hai (also known as Da Lang) heads to Shanghai to study. When his classmates bully him, senior Bao Zhu lends a helping hand, and the 2 begin their first relationship. One day, Taiwan’s advertising firm comes to the school to hold a ‘Queen Sweetheart’ competition. Bao Zhu wins first place, and from then on, everyone calls her ‘sweetheart’. However, Sweetheart’s father suddenly goes bankrupt, and he abandons her and her mother. Sweetheart has no choice but to move back to Taiwan with her mother, and due to a misunderstanding, she loses contact with Da Lang.

After being abandoned, Da Lang turns into a playboy, until one day he sees her‘Sweetheart’s Time’ show on TV. Da Lang buys the TV station, and thus begins his revenge plan on Sweetheart. However, when he sees Sweetheart go on a date with another guy, Da Lang realizes that he is still deeply in love with her, hence he decides to pursue her again. At this time, Sweetheart’s mother discovers that Da Lang’s older sister was actually Sweetheart’s father’s first love, and hence she strongly opposes their relationship, and the 2’s love heads into turmoil.

Shanghai Sweethearts Summary

Meeting sweetheart for the first time, innocent & pure little boy becomes an adult and turns into a Shanghai Prince! Meeting sweetheart for the second time, he wants her to pay the price for taking his innocence! Show Luo plays Xue Hai (fake name: Da Lang). This innocent & pure little boy experiences the taste of love for the first time, but he suffers heartbreak, and turns into an arrogant Shanghai Prince! But when he meets her again, no matter how much he wants to torture her, he cant stop his love for her. So whose fault is this really?Rainie Yang plays Chen Bao Zhu. She falls in love with the shy poor little boy but fate separates them. When they meet again, she realizes he's turned into a nasty man. Should she steer clear of him or fall in love with him?

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Shanghai Sweethearts cast and starring :
Show Luo as Xue Hai/Da Lang
Rainie Yang as Chen Bao Zhu

Show Luo as Xue Hai/Da Lang
show luo shanghai sweethearts

Rainie Yang as Chen Bao Zhu
rainie yang shanghai sweethearts

Making Out with Show Luo on the Streets, Rainie Yang Says It’s Like Incest!
shanghai sweethearts

Show Luo and Rainie Yang in Shanghai Sweethearts
show luo and rainie yang

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