Sweetness in the salt

Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

sweetness in the salt

sweetness in the salt

sweetness in the salt

sweetness in the salt

Sweetness in the salt Details
Title: 碧血鹽梟
Cantonese / Mandarin title: Bik Huet Yim Hiu / Bi Xue Yan Xiao
English title: Sweetness in the Salt
Also known as: 勝雪鹽棧 / Salt Traders
Genre: Ancient drama
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2009-Jun-08 to 2009-Jul-10
Theme song: How to Say Love (愛怎麼說) by Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung

Sweetness in the salt Synopsis, story, and preview

NIP CHI YUEN (Steven Ma), who works in the anti-smuggling camp, is determined to wipe out the Tau's Fort, which is the stronghold for salt smugglers. He pretends to be a down-and-out scholar. TAU SING SUET (Tavia Yeung Yi), daughter of the chief smuggler, sympathizes with YUEN and puts him up in the village. Later, they even become fond of each other. During an anti-smuggling operation SUET is badly hurt and has since been separated from YUEN and her family. Fortunately she is saved by WU TING HIN (Raymond Wong Ho Yin), son of salt merchant WU KIN (Kwok Fung). HIN takes her home. One day, SUET is horrified to see the dead bodies of her parent being hung on the wall of the city tower, and that the official standing on the top of the tower telling the public not to sell smuggled salt is none other than the man she misses day and night. She is heartbroken, and her love for YUEN turns into hatred that moment on. HIN finds a job for SUET at the salt company his family runs to he

Sweetness in the salt Cast and starring :

Dau Family
Jimmy Au as Dau Mang 竇猛
Lily Li as Mrs. Dau 竇夫人
Lee Kwok Lun as Dau Hung 竇雄
Tavia Yeung as Dau Sing Suet 竇勝雪
Bond Chan (陳少邦) as 鍾邦

Nip Family
Steven Ma as Nip Ji Yun 聶致遠
Mary Hon as Nip Cheung Si 聶張氏

Wu Family
Kwok Fung as Wu Kin 胡堅
Ma Tai Lo as Wu Choi Dip 胡彩蝶
Halina Tam as Wu Ting Bik 胡亭碧
Ram Tseung as Yiu Sau Ching 姚守正
Raymond Wong as Wu Ting Hin 胡亭軒
Pierre Ngo as Wu Ting Fai 胡亭輝
Meini Cheung (張美妮) as Ying Yuet 映月
Devily Leung as Siu Yun 小沅
Casper Chan as Wu Ting Yin 胡亭嫣

Extended Cast
Joel Chan as Choi Chi On 蔡子安
Felix Lok as To Ying Lung 屠應龍
Brian Wong as Hung Leung 孔良
Chan Wing Kei as Chau Kwong 周廣
Wong Wai Tak as Wong Dung Ping 汪東平
Kwok Tak Shun as Chu Wing Cheung 朱永祥
Hoffman Cheng as Wong Kan 王勤
Peter Pang (彭冠中) as Lei Fat 李發
Raymond Tsang (曾守明) as Chui Fun 徐寬
Yu Tze Ming as Lui King Hong 呂建康
Iris Wong as Luk Ng Neung 陸五娘
Pauline Chow as Mut Lei 茉莉
Ng Wai Shan (伍慧珊) as Yuk Lo 玉露

Production Credits
Producer: Lee Tim Sing
Editors: Kwan Sung Ling (關頌玲) and Lau Chi Wa (劉枝華)

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