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Senin, 13 Juli 2009

Burning Flame III Details :

Title: 烈火雄心 III
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Lit Fo Hung Sum 3/ Lie Huo Xiong Xin 3
English title: Burning Flame III
Genre: Firefighters, Action, Family, Romance
Broadcast network: TVB
Episodes: 32
Broadcast period: 2009-Jul-06 to 2009-Aug-15
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30 - 22:30
Opening theme song: Burning Flame III (Instrumental)
Ending theme song: Intention (有意) by Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu

Burning Flame III Cast and starring :
Wong Hei as Chung Yau Sing 鍾有成
Lawrence Ng as young Chung Yau Sing
Kevin Cheng as Cheuk Pak Yu 卓柏宇 (Rex)
Bosco Wong as Fong Lei On 方履安 (Encore)
Myolie Wu as Ko Wai Ying 高惠盈
Aimee Chan as Yung Siu Yee 容少意
Matthew Ko as Chan Lok Sun 陳樂生
Eddie Lee as Cheung Chi Ho 張志豪
Sam Chan as Law Hak Ming 羅克明
Chan Chin Pang as Pang Chi Bun 彭志斌
Jimmy Au as Chun Kam Shek 秦金石
Elaine Yiu as Cheuk Man 卓敏
Stephen Wong as Ko Ho Nam 高浩南
Joey Mak as Ko Wai Si 高惠詩
Kong Hon as Chung Yiu Kan 鍾耀根
Helen Ma as Lee Mei Lan 李美蘭
Lee Sing Cheung as Ko Hau Tak 高厚德
Ha Ping as Lam Saam Mui 林三妹
Rebecca Chan as Shum Yeut Wah 沈月華 (Queenie)
Chow Chung as Shum Yut 沈逸 (Sunday)
Angelina Lo as Poon Yuk Hung 潘玉紅
Wong Ching as Cheuk Kwok Loeng 卓國樑
Leanne Li as Poon Hoi Lam 潘凱琳
Rocky Cheng as Siu Chun Bong 蕭振邦
Oscar Leung as Mak Ching Lung 麥正龍
Johnny Ngan as Yeung Bing Gei 楊炳基
Yvonne Ho as Ada
Stephen Huynh as Eric

Production Credits
Producer: Amy Wong
Editors: Ng Siu Tung (吳肇銅), Wong Yuk Duk (黃育德)

Burning Flames 3 Synopsis, Story, and preview :
Because of an arson case, the young and playful Fong Lei On (Bosco Wong) got to befriend a fireman, Chung Yau Shing (Wong Hei). Yau Shing used his personal life experience to encourage On. Thus On, whom didn’t have any goals in life, decided to apply to be a fireman and was successful. Yau Shing used to be good friends with another firefighter leader, Cheuk Pak Yu (Kevin Cheng), but because of the differences in both work and relationship matters, they grew apart from each other.

After On graduated, he followed Yau Shing during work, and often encountered major occurrences. Both of them gradually built up a teacher-disciple relationship. At the same time, On saw that Pak Yu seldom took part in these major cases yet he was able to climb up the ladder. Yau Shing even thought that Pak Yu snatched his lover, causing his relationship with his fiancee, Wai Ying (Myolie Wu), to deteriorate as each day passed. Adding on that Chung Yau Shing was seriously injured and fell into a coma after a huge fire accident, On was even more certain that everything was caused by Pak Yu.

After that, On was transferred over to Pak Yu’s team. Both of them often had clashes with each other. But On often went through life-and-death experiences with Pak Yu, and they slowly developed a real and sincere teacher-disciple relationship. Also, Wai Ying slowly became closer towards Pak Yu. At this moment, Yau Shing suddenly woke up from his coma. And the truth for that particular day was even more shocking…

burning flame 3

burning flame 3

Bosco Wong as Fong Lei On in Burning Flame 3
bosco wong in burning flame 3

Kevin Cheng as Cheuk Pak Yu in Burning Flame III
kevin cheng in burning flame 3

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