Growing Through Life

Senin, 20 Juli 2009

Growing Through Life Details
Title: 摘星之旅
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Zhong Sing Zhi Lui
English title: Growing Through Life
Genre: Family
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: TVB
Production network: TVB, Shanghai Media Group
Broadcast period: 2009
Air time: Monday to Friday

Growing Through Life Synopsis
*According to news source, this drama might revolves around mainland hotels.
*This series will cooperate with mainland actors similar as The Drive Of Life.
*Damian Lau had added into the cast.
*This drama not only will film in Hong Kong but also other countries like Shanghai, Macau, Chengdu and many more.
*Bosco said that the roles will have fair time screen and this series is a grand production.
*Raymond said the script of this series is done.
*In this drama, Bosco will pair up with Toby and they will become a married couple.
*Raymond Lam said that 1st place of filming is Shenzhen, Futian.
*Raymond Lam said that he'll have a new hairstyle in this drama.
*Zhao Ji Kei was finally the mainland actress who will be filmed for Picking Star Of Adventure.
*Raymond Lam will be a loyal lover
*Bosco Wong will be a bad lover who will have relationship with many women
*Damien and Raymond isn't father-son. Damien is Raymond's uncle [According to the source from Raymond's fan]
*Damien and Cecilia is husband and wife, Toby is their daughter, Raymond is Toby's cousin.
*The series's background seems to start in 80s.
*This 6th March the official site of Star will be online. There is a chance for a girl and a guy to appear in this series after a contest. The winner will have TVB Contract and shall be a lead of Star.
*This series will air in the end of 2009, in both TVB Jade and SMG (Dragon TV).

Growing Through Life Cast and starring :
Damian Lau - Hoi Leung 海亮
Raymond Lam - Hoi Seng 海星
Bosco Wong - Zhong Lam Dai 鍾林大
Yu Hao Ming
Lui You Wai

Cecillia Yip - Zheng Ming Ju 鄭明珠
Feng Shao Feng [mainland actor]
Zhao Ji Kei [mainland actress] - Fong Lai King 方麗京
Toby Leung - Hoi Mei Si 海美思
Song Man Fei [mainland actress] - Zhok Yiu Kwon 祝耀群
Yvonne Wong
Yang Xue
Dominic Lam
Power Chan
Mimi Lo
Matthew Ko
Vivien Yeo
Lam Yi Kei
Felix Lok
Mimi Chu
Lau Kam Wing
Law Lok Lam
Tammy Ho
Oscar Chan
Benjamin Yuen
Otto Chan
Chun Wong
Catherine Chau
Tang Ying Man

Production Credits
Producer: Tommy Leung

growing through life

growing through life

Raymond Lam as Hoi Seng 海星
raymond lam

Bosco Wong as Zhong Lam Dai 鍾林大
bosco wong

yang xue

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