Beauty Knows No Pain

Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Beauty Knows No Pain

Beauty Knows No Pain Details
Title: 女人最痛
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Neoi Jan Zeoi Tung / Nu Ren Zui Tong
English title: Women Hurt the Most
Previously known as: Women's Most Pain
Genre: Modern
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-26 - 2010-Aug-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30 - 21:30

Beauty Knows No Pain Synopsis and Story :

Mrs. Cash (Michelle Yim) is successful in both career and life. However, she accidentally discovers that her husband Mr. Cash (Dominic Lam) has committed adultery. In order to maintain the relationship, Mrs. Cash is willing to take the risk of getting pregnant despite her age. Pregnancy has imposed great pressure on her daily life as well as her career. Her aggressive subordinate Jackie (Maggie Cheung Ho-yee) therefore seizes the chance to take up her duties. Jackie is a bold and decisive person at work but she is caught in a quadrangular relationship by falling in love with the married man Nick (Joe Ma Tak-chung).

Discouraged by the relationship failures of her bosses, secretary BiBi (Joyce Tang) further impairs her confidence. Bibi's "outstanding" body shape, further increases her inferiority. Encouraged by her colleague Chi Lam (Power Chan), BiBi decides to boost her self-esteem by getting plastic surgery. Subsequently, she becomes the sexiest goddess on the Internet and the hottest brand spokesperson in town. Upon her getting rich and famous, BiBi suddenly realizes that this is not what she really wants.

Beauty Knows No Pain information :

- Maggie Cheung will film a modern series next year (2010).
- The series will be about modern day women.
- Filming will commence in 2010.
- Maggie Cheung new series "Women Hurt the Most" filming in year-end. She will play a single, middle-aged professional. Male lead unconfirmed.
- Joe Ma will film "Women Hurt the Most" with Maggie Cheung.
- The series will be about 3 working women.
- Filming will start in December.
- Michelle Yim and Dominic Lam will play a couple.
- Michelle will play a pregnant woman at an advanced age.
- Dominic will have extra-marital affairs during Michelle's pregnancy, making her very unhappy during her pregnancy.
- Maggie Cheung will play a successful business woman, and will give up her love life for her career. Her character will not get married at the end.
- JJ Jia will play the third party in Maggie and Joe Ma's relationship.
- Joyce Tang will play a busty (E cup) office lady. Her character will later undergo plastic surgery.
- Elena Kong will have three girls working in her department with names starting with E, F, and G. (ABCDEFG should be Karen Li, Chacha Chan, Kayi Cheung, Lily Ho, Iva Lo, Kibby Lau, and Vanko Wong.)

Beauty Knows No Pain cast and starring :

Maggie Cheung Ho-yee as Jackie Sa (Sa Yuen-kei)
Michelle Yim as Mrs. Cash (Wong Hoi-king)
Joe Ma Tak-chung as Nickson "Nick" Ko (Ko Chi-lik)
Dominic Lam as Mr. Cash (Chin Kwong-lung)
Joyce Tang as BiBi Yue (Yue Man-yau)
Power Chan as Chi Lam (Tsi Nam)
Elena Kong as Angela "Auntie" Hung (Hung San-wu)
JJ Jia as Yeda So (So Na)
Savio Tsang as GM (Lam Gar-man)
Gordon Liu as Ng Lap-chau
Yoyo Chen as Stephy
Wong Ching as Sa Yeung
Suet Nei as Wong Wai-heung
Yeung Ying-wai as Sa Yuen-biu
Catherine Chau as Mok Yuk-lan
Fung So-bor as Yin Suk-tak
Chun Wong as Ko Yan-tai
Lily Ho as Amy
Kayi Cheung as Betty
Karen Lee as Cindy
Cha Cha Chan as Daisy
Law Wing-han as Elaine
Kibby Lau as Fion
Vanko Wong as Gloria
Mak Ka-lung as Hong Mak (Mak Chi-hong)
Deno Cheung as Kong Kam (Kam Chi-kong)

Photos of Beauty Knows No Pain :

Beauty Knows No Pain

Beauty Knows No Pain

Beauty Knows No Pain

Beauty Knows No Pain

Beauty Knows No Pain Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung Ho-yee as Jackie Sa (Sa Yuen-kei)

Beauty Knows No Pain Joe Ma
Joe Ma Tak-chung as Nickson "Nick" Ko (Ko Chi-lik)

Beauty Knows No Pain Joyce Tang
Joyce Tang as BiBi Yue (Yue Man-yau)

Beauty Knows No Pain Michelle Yim
Michelle Yim as Mrs. Cash (Wong Hoi-king)

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