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Minggu, 03 Mei 2009

palace scheme

palace scheme

palace scheme

palace scheme

New Series : Palace Scheme (Beyond The Realm Of Conscience)
Chinese Title :宮心計
Cantonese Pinyin: Gung Sam Gai
Mandarin Pinyin: Gong Xin Ji
Filming : February 2009
Producer : Miu Siu Ching
Episodes : 30
Genre : hong kong version of Jewel in the Palace (ancient, tong dynasty)

Palace Scheme Cast and starring :

Charmaine Sheh as Lau Sam Ho (Maid, but later will become the highest rank of Sheung Gongs--above the four Sheung Gongs)
Tavia Yeung as Yiu Kam Ling (Maid, but later will become Concubine Lai/Lady Lai)
Moses Chan as Li Yi (Emperor Li Shum)
Kevin Cheng as Ko Hin Yeung (Professor Kei and later Imperial Guard to the Emperor)
Susanna Kwan as Yuen Chui Wan (Sheung Gong/Controller of Jewellery)
Michelly Yim as Chung Suet Ha (Sheung Gong/Controller of Wardrobe)
Kara Hui as Wu So Yan (Sheung Gong/Controller of Furnishing)
Mary Hon as Tam Yim Seung (Sheung Gong/Controller of Food and Beverage)
Selena Li as Mang Bo Yin (Concubine Yin/Lady Yin, daughter of Mang Kim Fung)
Ram Tseung as Bo Kut Cheung (Eunich, loves Chung Suet Ha, and he is the only one that knows Yuen Chui Wan's greatest secret)
Lee Kwok Lun as Ma Yuen Jaan (Eunich Supervisor)
Kwok Fung as Ma Kim Fung (General, Ma Bo Yin's father, and Yuen Chui Wan's old lover)
Lau Dan as Lee Tak Yue (Prime Minister)
Edwin Siu as Li 瀍 (Brother of Li Yi?)
Susan Tse as Empress (Mother of Li Yi?)

Palace Scheme Synopsis and story :
Produced for the program in 2009 drama, one of pilgrimage. Originally scheduled to begin shooting in December 2008, after the wireless high-level stories that attract, from the original set of 25 extended to 30 sets, in February 2009 until it started.

Sam Ho and Yi were actually a pair of good friends who treated each other as sisters in the Palace. As lowly maids, they received bad treatments. At that time, the Palace has four high-ranked officers, including Food and Beverages Controller, … Fashion Controller, and Jewellery Controller. In order to be promoted into a higher position, the four often fight underhand. The innocent Yi and Sam Ho became the scapegoat.

Regardless of how much suffering she has, Sam Ho persists on her Three Good spirit as a method of surviving. However, Yi who has suffered a lot decides otherwise. Once, during serving the Emperor, she surreptitiously seduced the Emperor and succeeded in becoming high-ranked Concubine. Sam Ho succeeded to gain the highest post of the female officers with her own talents and efforts. The two’s relationship starts to break. It turns out that both of them have feelings for the same Palace Guard at the same time. Yi wanted to punish the four officers, but Sam Ho disagreed and insisted on saving the four, Yi started to scheme against Sam Ho.

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