Taiwan Drama The Concerto

Kamis, 30 April 2009

The Concerto Taiwan Drama
The Concerto Taiwan Drama
The Concerto Taiwan Drama
The Concerto Details :
Title : The COncerto - 協奏曲 - Xie Zou Qu
Director: 柳廣輝
Airing: Monday - Thursday 10 PM (Starting Jan 28)
Channel: TTV
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast Year: 2009-01-28
Status: On Air

The Concerto Cast and starring :
Gao Ling / Esther Liu (acting as a designer)
Yuan Hao / Eddie Peng (acting as Hao Han Building Company’s Prince)
Yuan Zhe / Pace Wu (acting as Hao Han Building Company’s Princess)
Ma Shang Jing / Lee Wei (acting as an architect)
Ma Shang Yu / Dong Ming Xiang (acting as an artist)
Liang Yi Chen / Bai Ji Sheng (acting as Hao Han Building Company’s worker)
Hao Yu Shen / Chuan Lei (acting as President of Hao Han Building Company)
Zhou Cong Lan / Chen Yi (acting as Hao Yu Shen’s 2nd wife, mother of Yuan Hao)
Zhuo Ya Fu / Chen Yu Fan (acting as Boss of Zhuo An Design Company)
Mao Jia Min / Lu Jia Xin (acting as worker of Zhuo An Design Company)

The Concerto information, Synopsis, Preview, Story :
Gao Ling is a girl who optimistic and warm, yet a little naive. After her parents died in an accident, she was near bankruptcy. To save the happiness that her parents left behind in their little house, she vows to do anything to keep it. To keep the house, she is required to work extremely hard to repay the loan. Though it is hard, she continues to be brave and continue walking.

Hao Han Corporation is continually acquiring the hillside homes surrounding Gao Ling. At last, only Gao Ling is left standing, remaining unmoved by any sort of persuasion. She became a full-fledged target, receiving stress from all forms. Together with Hao Han's determination to win, it resulted in extreme stress for her. Ambitious Ma Shang Jing, who is waiting for the chance to create a legendary design on the hill's grounds, entered Gao Ling's simple life.

The days were very difficult, but Gao Ling still managed to have an optimistic view towards life. She believes that there is nothing impossible in this earth, and if she could keep the house and live her life, she would approach any difficulties without hesitation.

After a misunderstanding, Dong Yuan Hao, who ran away from home met Gao Ling and entered her life.

At the start, due to Yuan Hao's arrogance and Gao Ling's money loving attitude, the two of them clashed badly. However, Yuan Hao, who has never received any warmth from his family, found humanizing care from Gao Ling. Hence, after a while, the two of them fell in love and started a relationship. However, they were bound to be torn apart one day. Just when she found out that she was pregnant, Gao Ling had to face the truth of Yuan Hao leaving. In spite of everything, Gao Ling was determined to have a family, bravely gave birth to Yuan Hao's child, and raised her daughter, Yuan Yuan up by herself.

Five year later, Gao Ling reported to work in 'Zhuo An' Planning Company. In the few years, she has lived life together with Yuan Yuan, who was already sensible at a very young age. She met Ma Shang Jing once again, finding out that while he was once insufferably arrogant, he had now become a luckless construction worker.

Warm hearted Gao Ling wants to change the depressed mood of Ma Shang Jing. However, at Ma Shang Jing's side, there is 'princess' Yuan Zhe who has always hoped that he would become the head of Hao Han. Also, Ma Shang Jing's brother has expressed an interest in Ga Ling. In love, family and work, how can Gao Ling face her own fate?

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