Relic of an Emissary

Jumat, 08 April 2011

Relic of An Emissary

Relic of an Emissary Details
Title: 洪武三十二
English title: Relic of an Emissary
Also known as: Hongwu 32
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Hung Mou Saam Sap Ji / Hong Wu San Shi Er
Genre: Period, Drama, Kungfu, Crime
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-04 to 2011-May-13
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30-21:30

Relic of an Emissary Premise :

The story takes place during Cheng Wo's younger years, several years before his voyages. When the Kin-man Emperor ascended to the thrown in 1399, he changed the era name to "Kin-man First Year" (建文元年). After Chu Tai usurped the throne in 1402, he purged all of Kin-man's supporters and ordered all documents that recorded the era name "Kin-man First Year" to be changed to "Hung-mo Year 32" (洪武三十二年) in order to establish himself as the legitimate successor of the Hung-mo Emperor, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

Relic of an Emissary Story and Preview :

Chu Yuen Cheung, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty has passed away. Chu Wan Man, the son of his chosen heir is named as his successor.

Wan Man's bodyguard, Ngo Siu Fung is tasked to look for Yuen Cheung's lost will. In the course of Siu Fung's search, he gets to know the counsellor for Prince Yin Chu Tai, Ma Sam Po.

Siu Fung and Sam Po both have great respect and appreciation for each other, however Siu Fung still remains vigilant as Prince Yin Chu Tai has plans to covet the throne.

One day, after a mission, Siu Fung suffers from memory loss. He also changed from being a heartless person into someone full of sympathy. Princess Wing Yeung, warns her good friend Sam Po to be careful when dealing with Siu Fung.

Chu Wan Man still has high regards for Siu Fung, but Siu Fung is no longer trustworthy after his accident. For reasons unknown to himself, Siu Fung find the mysterious Shum Sin Sam and Prince Yin Chu Tai to be familiar. Later on when Siu Fung learns of a secret mission, he is torn between anger and guilt.

Relic of an Emissary Cast and Characters :

Ming Dynasty

Law Lok-lam as Chu Yuen-cheung 朱元璋
Mary Hon as Empress Ong 瓮妃
Poon Fong-fong as Empress Yeung Suk 楊淑妃
Eddie Li as Chu Kong 朱棡
Joe Ma as Chu Tai 朱棣
Skye Chan as Chui Yee-wah 徐儀華
Kate Tsui as Sham Chin-sam 沈千三 / Wong Chor-chor 王楚楚
Deno Cheung as Chu Sau 朱橚
Ho Hing-fai as Chu Pok 朱榑
Vincent Wan as Chu Chun 朱椿
Dexter Young as Chu Pak 朱柏
Lee Ho as Chu Kwai 朱桂
Tse Cheuk-yin as Chu Chik 朱植
Ruco Chan as Chu Kuen 朱權
Cheung Wing-hong as Chu Pin 朱楩
Cheung Wing-hong as Chu Wai 朱橞
Elanne Kong as Chu Ying 朱櫻
Joel Chan as Chu Wan-man 朱允炆
Leung Ka-ki as Ma Yan-wai 馬恩慧

Jinyi Wei
Gordon Liu as Yim Chun 嚴進
Au Sui-wai as Ngai Chun 魏鎮
Michael Tse as Ngo Siu-fung 敖笑風
Fred Cheng as Lau Chung-leung 劉忠良
Hugo Wong as Ching Wai 程偉

Chu Wan-man's courtiers
Felix Lok as Geng Ping-man 耿炳文
Savio Tsang as Chui Fai-cho 徐輝祖
Benjamin Yuen as Lee King-long 李景隆
Carlo Ng as Wong Tsz-ching 黃子澄
Wilson Tsui as Fong Hau-yu 方孝孺
Dickson Lee as Chai Tai 齊泰

Chu Tai's courtiers
Lau Kong as To Hin 道衍
Sammul Chan as Ma Sam-bo 馬三保
Wong Ching as Chu Leng 朱能
Yeung Ying-wai as Cheung Yuk 張玉
Liang Kin-ping as Kot Shing 葛誠
Angel Chiang as Siu Lai 小麗

Sire Ma as Fu Siu-kiu 傅小喬
Yoyo Chen as Lok Yuen-ting 陸宛莛
Macy Chan as Sharen Gaowa 薩仁高娃

Relic of An Emissary Photos :

Relic of An Emissary

Relic of An Emissary

Relic of An Emissary

Relic of An Emissary

Relic of An Emissary Joe Ma
Joe Ma as Chu Tai 朱棣

Relic of An Emissary Sammul Chan
Sammul Chan as Ma Sam-bo 馬三保

Relic of An Emissary Kate Tsui
Kate Tsui as Sham Chin-sam 沈千三 / Wong Chor-chor 王楚楚

Relic of An Emissary Michael Tse
Michael Tse as Ngo Siu-fung 敖笑風

Relic of An Emissary Yoyo Chen
Yoyo Chen as Lok Yuen-ting 陸宛莛

Watch Relic of An Emissary (Hongwu 32) Video trailer here

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