The Mysteries of Love

Senin, 07 Juni 2010

The Mysteries of Love

The Mysteries of Love Details
Title: 談情說案
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Tam Ching Shuet On
English title: The Mysteries of Love
Previously known as: Shall We State the Case
Genre: Mystery, Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2010-Jun-28 - 2010-Jul-25
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30 - 22:30

The Mysteries of Love Synopsis

The series was inspired by Galileo ガリレオ Garireo a famous Detective TV series in Japan.

This is a love story between a professor and a policewoman. Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the application of interesting physics theories on the investigation of various crime cases.

Jing Bo (Raymond Lam) was raved as the youngest talented Physicist and was invited to teach at Hongkong University. And at his good friend Lu Tianheng (Kenneth Ma)'s suggestion, whom is a Senior criminal investigation Officer; Jing Bo uses his super observant scientific analysis and successfully solves many mystery cases; and meets Detective Xu XiaoLi (Tavia Yeung). Jing Bo comes from a reputable family, is rational -reasonable & understanding, Xu XiaoLi comes from a village, she's emotional and does things with her gut feelings. Although they're of different backgrounds, the flame of love comes between them and its a test to tolerate each other.

Meanwhile, Lu TianHeng (Kenneth Ma) known for his flirtatious nature has a passionate playful non serious relationship with his ex schoolmate Ling MinJia (Bernice Lu). When Min Jia realises she had fallen for Tian Heng, she decided they wouldn't last and she leaves. Few years later, Tian Heng meets Ming Jia again and comes to know that she was getting married with her new boyfriend. It was then he realises he couldn't lose her again.

The Mysteries of Love information :

*This series was written and drawn under the inspiration of Japan’s famous TV series ‘Detective Galileo’
*Raymond Lam who portrayed as a Galileo is a university associate professor in physics. His character is from a rich family.
*Tavia Yeung will portray as a detective police officer. Tavia will play a police constable in the first two episodes, and will later become a CID.
*Producer, Lau Ka Hou, this series will also focus on the romantic relationships, hence, I believe the audience will not compare this series with ‘Detective Galileo’].
*It is said that Kenneth Ma will be Tavia Yeung's police head officer. And Tavia Yeung will not have any love relationship with Kenneth Ma.
*Bernice Liu will be filmed for this drama. Bernice will play a reporter.
*Raymond will pair up with Tavia whereas Kenneth Ma will pair up with Bernice Liu again.
*Kenneth is a playboy in this drama.
*Tavia starts out as a lower rank police wearing uniform and then becomes a detective in the CID section.
*Tavia and Raymond develop feelings for each other when working on the cases together.
*Bernice and Kenneth were previously a couple when they were in university.
*Tavia will have many fighting and chasing scenes.
*Bernice is also a big cameo in the series. [just like Raymond in Heart Of Greed]
*Raymond's name is Ging Bok (景博), Kenneth's name is Tin Hang (天恆), Tavia's name is Tsui Siu Lai (徐小麗) AND Bernice's name is Nicole.
*Mary Hon (Raymond's mom) will play a principal.

The Mysteries of Love Cast and Starring :

King Family
Raymond Lam as King Pok 景博 (Kingsley)
Lee Kwok Lun as King Yin 景然
Mary Hon as Chueng Wai-Chu 蔣慧珠 (Victoria)
Candy Chiu as King Chi 景緻 (Anastasia)

Chui Family
Tavia Yeung as Chui Siu-Lai 徐小麗
Law Lok Lam as Chui Hon-Fei 徐漢飛
Fung So Bor as Leung Sau-Ngo 梁秀娥
Evergreen Mak as Chui Kwok-On 徐國安
Lawrence Ng as Chui Ka-Hei 徐家希
Alex Lam as Chui Kwok-Leung 徐國良
Ng Wai Shan as Tai Choi-Sheung 戴彩嫦

Kenneth Ma as Lo Tin-Hang 盧天恆 (Gordon)
Bernice Liu as Ling Man-Ka 凌敏嘉 (Nickole)
Lee Sing Cheung as Man Pak-Chu 文柏柱 (PC)
Jack Wu as Chim Chi-Ko 占子高
Lee Kai Kit as Fung Hok-Ban 馮學斌
Lisa S
Jessie Shum
Doris Chow
Bond Chan
Lam Shuk Man 

Production Credits
Producer: Lau Ka Ho

The Mysteries of Love Photos :

The Mysteries of Love

The Mysteries of Love

The Mysteries of Love

The Mysteries of Love Kenneth Ma Bernice Liu
Kenneth Ma as Lo Tin-Hang 盧天恆 (Gordon) with Bernice Liu as Ling Man-Ka 凌敏嘉 (Nickole)

The Mysteries of Love Raymond Lam Tavia Yeung
Raymond Lam as King Pok 景博 (Kingsley) with Tavia Yeung as Chui Siu-Lai 徐小麗

Watch TVB The Mysteries of Love Trailer and Preview video here 談情說案 宣傳片 光反射 (TVB Channel)

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