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Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

The Beauty of the Game Details
Title: 美麗高解像
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Mei Lai Go Gai Zheung / Mei Li Gao Jie Xiang
English title: The Beauty of the Game
Genre: Romance, drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2009-Dec-14 to 2010-Jan-08
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30 - 22:30
Opening theme song: Love Without Guilt (愛無愧) by Denise Ho

The Beauty of the Game Synopsis, Story, and preview :

Setting out on their quest for fame and fortune, three female TV stars of different backgrounds are resolved to achieve their dreams at any price. But after so many ups and downs in their acting careers, they finally come to discover the secret of true beauty.

Driven by sheer vanity, KO CHING MAN (Kate Tsui) takes part in a beauty pageant despite the strong opposition of her mother, a long-retired actress named CHEUNG LAI HUNG (Yuen King Tan), and leaps to stardom soon after winning the championship. Rising actress TONG HO YEE (Sharon Chan) feels threatened by MAN and decides to join another TV station to look for a breakthrough, which is not supported by her production assistant friend DEACON CHONG (Lai Lok Yi). Leading actress KEUNG CHIN FUNG (Ng Wing Mei) used to be a bitter rival of HUNG. Realizing that MAN's acting career is taking off at top speed, FUNG means to approach her as a mentor, through which she hopes to drag the girl into her moral downfall bit by bit. Desperate for everlasting beauty, FUNG injects herself with illegal substances in an attempt to slow the aging process. But things do not really go as planned and her face starts to change in shape. Her advertising deal with a cosmetics company is subsequently canceled and MAN has soon replaced her as the new product endorser. Even the Award of Best Actress, which she has won for years, is slipping out of her hands. To vent her anger, FUNG seeks to extract revenge on MAN, finally plunging her into a world of pain and trouble.

The Beauty of the Game Info

-Kate plays the daughter of a retired film star who enters a beauty pageant to enter the industry herself. Her character will be bullied and is a weak girl.

-Sharon plays the baddie in the series. Her character is a very rebellious woman and she will have drug-taking scenes with Stephen Wong's character.

The Beauty of the Game Cast and Starring :

New Star Broadcasting Station

Kate Tsui as Ko Ching Man 高青雯
Christine Ng as Keung Chin Fung 姜展鳳
Sharon Chan as Tang Ho Yee 唐可兒 (Cally)
Stephen Huynh as Tong Wai Po 湯偉蒲 (Tom Tom)
Chris Lai as Chong Dik Kun 莊迪勤 (Deacon)
Raymond Cho as Wan Sze Wai 尹思維
Anita Chan as Hung Ka Lam 孔嘉琳
Jeanette Leung as Kan Bo Yee 簡寶意 (Bowie)
Ben Wong as Leung Ching On 梁正安
Helen Ma as Lam King Ying 林瓊櫻
Kwok Fung as Chiu Kai Hung 趙啟鴻
Johnny Ngan as Lee Chuen Hoi 李泉開
Joey Mak as To Dung 杜登

Cha Magazine Press

Yeung Ying Wai as Yeung Pak Yip 楊柏業
Cho Lam Wong as Yuen Kwok Fun 袁國勳
Sin Ho Ying as Yau Tak Gwong 邱德廣
Celine Ma as Ha Bing 夏冰 (Ice)
Chuk Man Kwan as Pat


Kingdom Yuen as Cheung Lai Hung 張麗虹
Felix Lok as Ko Kai Cheung 高介祥
Mimi Lo as Ling Kit Yu 凌潔茹
Chan Dik Hak as Cally's father
Fung So Bor as Cally's mother
Henry Yue as Chong Chung Tai 莊松泰 (CT)
Yvonne Lam as Lam Yau Lan 藍筱蘭 (Lena)
Chan On Ying as Yau Sau Fong 邱秀芳
Lily Li as Szeto Lin Mei 司徒蓮美
Josephine Shum as Lee Suet Kei (Suki)
Leo Ho as Lee Chi Kin 李志堅 (Kenny)
Lee Ka Ding as Kau Wor Ping 裘和平
Karen Lee as Leung Mei Fan 梁美芬
Max Ho as Cheung King On 張敬安
Kelvin Leung as Chiu Tak Sing 趙得星
Ho Wai Yip as Law Yau Wai 羅有為
Henry Lo as Ivan
Eddie Lee as Ka Ming 家明

Producer: Tsui Yu On (徐遇安)
Screenwriter: Lau Siu Kwun (劉小群), Ho Wing Nin (何永年), Shum Lap Keung (沈立強)
Production period: July 2008 to September 2008

the beauty of the game hong kong drama

the beauty of the game hong kong drama

the beauty of the game hong kong drama

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