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Senin, 09 November 2009

The Gem of Life Details
Title: 珠光寶氣
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Jyu Gwong Bou Hei / Zhu Guang Bao Qi
English title: The Gem of Life
Also known as: Jewel's Splendor
Genre: Modern epic drama
Episodes: 82
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2008-Oct-20 to 2009-Feb-13
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30-22:30
Opening theme song: Diamond Jubilee (鑽禧) by Shirley Kwan (關淑怡)
Insert songs: Cruelty has Love (無情有愛) by Linda Chung
The Two Words of Love (相戀兩個字) by Bowie Lam and Gigi Lai
What I am Waiting For (我還在等甚麼) by Moses Chan

The Gem of Life Synopsis, Story, and preview :
In PAK SIU-YAU (LouiseLee See Kei)’s eyes, her three daughters are just as perfect as diamonds. She believes that the greatest blessing for a woman is to marry a wealthy man. To guarantee a better life for her daughters, she has started training the girls since they were young, hoping that they will marry into the richest families when they mature.

YAU’s first daughter HONG NGA-YIN (Maggie Shiu) does not agree with her on her values. Yet when she sees that the man YIN is going out with is KO CHEUNG-SING (Bowie Lam), who is very well-off, she decides to let YIN go with her choice. YAU’s second daughter HONG NGA-TUNG (Gigi Lai) is hopelessly romantic but does not seem to have much luck with men. To make it up to her, YAU seeks to match her up with HO CHIT-NAM (Moses Chan), the son of Hong Kong’s most powerful business tycoon HO FUNG (Ngok Wah). Being the youngest in the family, HONG NGA-SZ (Ada Choi) is well aware of YAU’s concerns. Having recovered from divorce, SZ now decides to pin all her hopes on FUNG.

YAU’s persistence pays off and her daughters have all found a wealthy husband. But money does not really bring them happiness and the sisters are gradually losing themselves in vanity.

Filming locations include Hong Kong, Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Thailand, London, Paris and Tibet.COMING

The Gem of Life Cast and starring :

Hong Family
Louise Lee as Bak Siu You 白筱柔
John Chiang as Hong Ching Yeung 康青楊
Maggie Siu as Hong Nga Yeen 康雅言 (Sylvia)
Gigi Lai as Hong Nga Tong 康雅瞳 (Constance)
Ada Choi as Hong Nga Si 康雅思 (Jessica)
Lee Fung as Ying Che 英姐 (Hong family's housemaid)

Hoh Family
Elliot Yue as Hoh Fung 賀峰 (Martin)
Moses Chan as Hoh Zit Nam 賀哲男 (Terrance)

Ho Family
Wong Hei as Ho Tai Wor 何泰禾
Bosco Wong as Ho Tai Chun 何泰川 (William)

Sung Family
Chan Hung Lit as Sung Sai Man 宋世萬 (Philip)
Helen Ma as Sung Kwok Yuen Yi 宋郭婉儀 (Margaret) (Sai Man's first wife)
Queenie Chu as Man Wai 文慧 (Mandy) (Sai Man's third wife)
Linda Chung as Sung Tze Ling 宋子淩 (Elise) (Sai Man's granddaughter)
Henry Yue as Sung Sai Kei 宋世基
Ching Hor Wai as Ching Suk Jing 程淑貞 (Amanda)
Cindy Lee as Sung Pui Ka 宋佩嘉 (Kate)

Ko Family
Bowie Lam as Ko Cheung Sing 高長勝 (Calvin)
Lai Suen as Chan Siu Ho

Extended Cast & Guests
Kenny Wong as You Yut Dong 游日東 (Sunny)
Eddie Kwan as Chan Kai Fat 陳啓發 (Derek)
Rebecca Chan as Yu Wai Ting 虞葦庭 (Melissa)
Lau Dan as Sun Wai Dut 孫懷德
Andy Dai as Yiu Siu Ming 姚紹銘 (Ringo)
Florence Kwok as Sum Chi Ching 沈之澄 (Catherine)
Casper Chan as Kwan Jing 關靜
Catherine Chau as Joey
Josephine Shumas So Man 蘇敏 (Man Man)
Maria Chan as Sharon
Yu Tze Ming as Paco
Matt Yeung as Oscar
Sin Ho Ying as Au Yeung 歐陽 (boxing instructor)
Patrick Dunn as Yip Fu Tim 葉富添 (Nga Yeen's husband; guest)
Rocky Cheng as Fan Lai Kei 范禮奇 (Frankie) (Nga Tong's husband; guest, ep01)
Ram Tseung as as Yeung Chi Kau 楊志球 (Patrick) (Nga Si's husband; guest)
Iris Wong as Mrs. Chan 陳太 (Ester)
Kitty Lau as Mrs. Lee 李太
Fanny Yip as Monica (guest, ep01)
Angelina Lo as Mrs. Ho 何太 (cameo, ep02)
Irene Wong as Batty (guest)
Cilla Kung (cameo, ep17-18)
Oscar Chan as a lawyer (cameo, ep19)
Amy Ng as a customer (cameo, ep21)
Carrie Lam as Stephy (a model)
Johnny Ngan as Ng Kam Jai 吳監製
Anita Kwan as Fion

Production Credits
Producer: Chik Kei Yee (戚其義)
Editors: Chow Yuk Ming, Bao Wai Chong, Leung Mun Wah

the gem of life

the gem of life

the gem of life ada choi
Ada Choi Siu Fun as Jessica Hong Nga Sze (Youngest sister - Sheuk Mei)

the gem of life Bosco wong
Bosco Wong Chung Chak as Will Shek Tai Chuen

the gem of life Bowie Lam
Bowie Lam Po Yee as Calvin Ko Cheung Seng

the gem of life Eddie Kwan
Eddie Kwan Lai Kit as Chan Kai Fatt/Derek

the gem of life Gigi Lai
Gigi Lai Chi as Constance Hong Nga Tung (2nd Sister - Yee Mei)

the gem of life Linda Chung
Linda Chung as Elise Sung Chi Ling

the gem of life Maggie Siu
Maggie Siew Mei Kei as Sylvia Hong Nga Yin (Eldest Daughter - Du Mei)

the gem of life moses Chan
Moses Chan Ho as Terrence Ho Chit Nam

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