DIE Again TVB Drama Season 2

Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009

D.I.E Again Details
Title: 古靈精探B
English title: D.I.E Again
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2009-Aug-18 to 2009-Sep-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30 - 22:30
Theme song: Digging into the Truth (追根究柢) by Roger Kwok
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 921

D.I.E Again Synopsis, Story, and Preview:
Following the conclusion of D.I.E, the D.I.E team has been disband and the members are now serving the police force in different departments. After several mishaps and misadventures, the Commissioner of Police decided to reactivate the D.I.E Unit.

Yue Chi Long, Chung Ching Yee, Ying Jing Jing and other former teammates are delighted that D.I.E has been reinstated. They are excited to be back at D.I.E and are looking forward to solving more mysterious cases. Jing Jing is not willing to be a stay-at-home Mum, thus she brings along her baby to work. Chi Long is unhappy with Jing Jing's arrangements but he has no choice. Together with their other teammates, the couple take turns to care for their baby resulting in numerous misadventures.

Chi Long and Jing Jing soon learn that their baby has inherited Chi Long's supernatural powers. Jing Jing makes use of the baby's powers to help her solve cases and at the same time prove to Chi Long that she is a capable police officer.

Jing Jing's sister, Pui Pui is being used to attack Chi Long and his family. During one of the attacks, Chi Long was ambushed and ends up in a coma. Upon realising that his wife and son are in danger, Chi Long's spirit takes over Ching Yee's body to save them.

D.I.E Again Cast and starring :

Roger Kwok as Yu Tze Long 于子朗
Jonathan Lee as young Yu Tze Long
Sonija Kwok as Ying Jing Jing 邢晶晶
Derek Kwok as Cheung Ching Yee 張正義
Sin Ho Ying as Tse Siu Feng 謝小鳳
Mimi Lo as Pang Mei Wan 彭美雲
Kwok Fung as Law Yau Hung 羅有恆
Macy Chan as Law Pak Chi 羅柏芝
Him Law as Chim Syu Bong 詹樹邦

Ying Family
Nancy Wu as Ying Pui Pui 邢珮珮 (Momoko)
Ha Ping as Kam Sam Soon 金三順
Chun Wong as Ying Nam 刑楠
Lee Fung as Ng Suk Duk 吳淑德

Yu Family
Rain Lau as Kan Chi Mei 簡緻美
Margie Tsang as Yu Tze Ching 于子晴
Kitty Yuen as So Bik 蘇碧

Yan Family
Yu Tze Ming as Yan Kwok Fu 甄國富
Mannor Chan as So Sze Nga 蘇詩雅
Peter Lai as Lok Bun 駱斌
Brian Wong as Yan Heung Gwong 甄向光
Eric Li as Yan Heung Wing / Yan Heung Wah 甄向榮 / 甄向華

Zac Kao as Ko Choi Sang 高才生
Edwin Siu as Kam Chi Fung 甘至峰
Stephen Huynh as Man Lung 文龍 (Pierre)
Suet Nei as Cheung Muk Lan 張沐蘭
Jessie Shum as On Tung 安彤 (Ice)
Wong Ching as Chan Gai Ying 陳繼英
Stephen Wong as Wong Tong 黃棠
Benjamin Yuen
Joey Mak

Production Credits
Producer: Kwan Wing Chung (關永忠)
Editors: Wong Kwok Fai (黃國輝), Leung Yan Dong (梁恩東)

die again tvb drama 2009

die again tvb drama 2009

roger kwok die again
Roger Kwok and Sonija Kwok in D.I.E again 2009

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